Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More on my trip to Mendoza

...or San Rafael to be exact. It's a smallish city located approx 250Km south of Mendoza city, located in western Argentina at the foot of the Andes mountain range. Population of 120,000 or so.

San rafael has become extremely popular with tourists (mostly Argentine) during the summer months as the region offers a little of everything: plenty of outdoor activities such as white water rafting, mountainbiking, climbing, paragliding, fishing etc, togethor with great scenery, and vast numbers of Bodegas (wineries) to visit. The Province of Mendoza produces 70% of the countries wine. An added bonus is that the countires best known ski-resort Las Lenas is just a couple of hours away.

Last week was my second visit to the region in nearly 2 years, this time The Misses came along. We spent most of our time searching for some land, and actually found several very interesting properties.

My overriding favourite property was a very nice converted 2-bed barn on a 5 acre plot about 5Km from the city. The land produces around 15000Kg of peaches and 8000Kg of plums each year, but also includes mature olive, almond, walnut and advocado trees togethor with grapes plusa variety of other fruits. There's also several beehives at the back of the land.

All this for an asking price of $80,000USD, I'd actually say a fair price would be around the $65-70,000USD. The owners put the place on the market 8 months ago for $70,000, got no offers so took it off the market for a month, then put it back on at $80,000. Interesting interpretation of economic supply and demand theory?!

It looks like I'll be making an offer on the place in the next week, being Gringo won't help me on the negotiating front, but I guess I'll play the game and start at $60,000 and see where we go from there.

When I get my cables sorted I'll post some photos.


Anonymous said...

I am also a fan fair play to you for having the bollix to try something different.
Too mcuh time wasted ina 9 to 5 is heartbreaking i play full time myself all i need now is get on the road some great advice through your journal keepit up dont dissappear.

Razboynik said...

Hey PT !
Good luck with your purchase.
You are an inspiration.
Please post some photos.

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Thanks Gents.

I should be able to get a few photos up later this week.

Glad to hear you've escaped the 9-5life Mick. I have to say I haven't ever regretted leaving it all behind myself.

Smartyn00b said...

Respect man for having the guts to do this. We need to meet up for a beer here in BA, have a chat


Perpetual_Traveller said...

Hey Fred

Long time no speak. Drop me a line on MSN, maybe come around to my place for an asado then head out for beers?