Saturday, February 23, 2008


Here are some photos of the property I am thinking long and hard about buying.

Finca in San Rafael The entrance to the Finca. A small bridge crosses the irrigation creek that supplies water to 5 acres of peaches, plums and a variety of other fruit trees.

The house, a converted barn, has 2 bedrooms and is in excellent condition. The garden is landscaped and good to go, there's also room for a pool to the right of the house as you look at it.

At the back of the property is an asado (BBQ) and this big old oven. (The property comes with two Rotweillers, you can see the ass-end of one in this shot). The fruit trees stretch for 5 acres beyond the gate.

Things haven't exactly gone to plan as the owners are refusing to budge from the $80,000USD asking price. I have upped my offer to $70,000, which my research indicates is about market value, so we'll see what happens. I don't hold out much hope tbh, the owners know I'm Gringo but I'm too principled to allow myself to pay what I perceive to be the Gringo Tax. I do however really like the place, so it'd be a shame to lose it for $10,000.

This shot of grapes growing at the side of the house sort of sums up the lifestyle nicely IMO.


Razboynik said...

It seems to me that the you'll have to pay the 'Gringo tax'(approx' 14%) wherever you go. An extra $10K is not a great deal of money to pay to achieve your dream, especially when you can earn it back at the tables within a couple of months. Go for it....!

Roamer said...

Yes but why pay it.

Would be cheaper to pay an argentinian $100 to view the property and make an offer for it acting as a proxy for you.

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Yeah, it's a toughie. I'm more inclined to walk away no matter what when I feel I'm being taken advantage of.

There are several other properties/plots of land available too. This one was just my favourite, and would also be the "easiest". The house is in great condition and the land has been very well cared for.

I've found other places that are far bigger and siginificantly cheaper, but obviously in less good shape.

Tempting to get an Argy friend involved, but I'm an "upfront/cards on the table". I really want to deal with the same kind of character (they do exist!!).

I suspect the search continues, but we'll see.

turoati said...

Hey is there a way I can contact you by email? I am planning on moving to Buenos Aires for a year or so this fall. I also play poker online but only party time (Im also a part time consultant). I couldn't find contact info here and have to run.

my email is turo # ati @ g #
(remove spaces and #s)


Perpetual_Traveller said...


To contact me by email go to View My Complete Profile from the homepage of this blog.

I'll drop you an email later today anyway.

seb said...

pero no tiene pileta o me parece a mí?
ojalá salga todo bien

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Hey Seb

No tiene pileta, ni aire acondicionado, ni gas natural etc etc!

Thanks for the good wishes mate.


(Seb is the guy who interviewed me last year here in BA. His work was published in the magazine La Mano, and you can read the piece online here.

goonerofhfd said...

found your blog m8, got to say does look a nice place would be very tempted to come and visit !

Anonymous said...

Is it "easy" to get a permanent resident visa for Argentina?

James said...

Looks like a nice house, and a good deal – Buying property overseas is always a tricky thing to do, good luck

I just bought a house in Jakarta, Indonesia – the PT life is the only way to live!

Perpetual_Traveller said...

goonerhfd: you'd be welcome any time mate.

Anon: I'm not too sure tbh, I have no direct experience as yet. From discussions with locals and reading the Argy immigration website it seems pretty "easy" least to get a 2 year residency visa.

James: Awesome, tell me more!! Do you blog about your experiences?