Friday, January 30, 2009

Que Bajon

The Argies use 'que bajon' a fair bit - it means 'what a downer', and sums up my recent trip to the UK. I went for two weeks, arriving back in Buenos Aires yesterday.

It was an unplanned trip to attend the funeral of my best friend: the dickhead decided to have a fatal heart attack at just 32yrs old; no age. Around 250 attended his funeral.

We did try to celebrate his life as best as possible in true British fashion: consuming large quantities of booze in his honour. The bloke was all about enjoying life and having a laugh and I did my best to 'be' how he'd have wanted me to.

It's a cliche, and easily said, but my mate passing so young has reminded me once again that you really shouldn't take anything, or anyone, for granted. Who knows what is around the corner? So, if you haven't contacted a close friend or family member in a while fire off an email tonight, or maybe make a random phone call later this week.

Another downer about my short visit to the UK was that I really noticed the effects of the current economic turmoil. The highest-class restaurant and bar in town had closed its doors for good, some of the best pubs had shut down, and several shops hadn't survived. Added to this was the fact that during my obligatory weekend binge drinking sessions catching up with friends the remaining pubs and clubs were virtually empty.

To top things off I arrived in the middle of a fairly typical British winter: perma-grey skies, wind, rain and cold temperatures. Horrible.

What a lovely cheerful update after 6 weeks of absence! :-)


Razboynik said...

Welcome to the 'pleasure dome'.
I can't wait to escape the U.K again. The situation is dire here.

Dom Reid said...

Heh feller, we need to meet up in summer in a North Devon pub as the sun goes down over the sea, drink a pint of cider and talk about what a small world it has become. The UK has it's cute side when we can come and go when we please, but winter is not that time eh...I have to be back in mid Feb for someone's birthday, how dumb is that ;0) The Cider Gypsy..

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Hey Gents

I think my experience in the UK this time around was skewed a little by the shitty personal circumstances.

A pint of scrumpy on a fine summers afternoon is indeed a thing to behold....gotta say I prefer the hills of S.Wales though.

Have to say - with the weak pound the UK is starting to look fairly cheap. Not yet cheap enough to persuade me to spend any time outside of Jul-Sep though.

TrUlster said...

Back in BsAs yeah? So am I after my round the world, so lets catch up one day soon. Was in London in November, and due to having pretty negative expectations, I actually didn't find it that bad, amazingly:)But yeah, these months now are better spent in sunny Arg for sure...

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Truls, good timing my man. My missus is off to Paraguay next week for a month so I'll be on a long leash!

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