Monday, December 15, 2008

Eurolinx reload

Now's the time to signup to Eurolinx, if you haven't already, as they're offering a 200% upto $2000 reload bonus until 31st December. If you already have an account you still qualify for the reload.

Here's how to get the maximum value from the deal:

  • If you're a new player signup and deposit at least $500 for the 100% signup bonus.

  • Play as much as you can from now until 30th Dec (to clear the whole $500 bonus will take 7000 non-contributed raked hands).

  • Re-deposit $1000 by the 31st, using the bonus code RELOAD2000. You could probably email support about this, they may well be kind and not require you to redeposit at all. To clear the $2000 will take 28,000 raked hands.

  • When you've cleared the $500 signup email and ask to be placed on the VIP program. This is pretty important as it's an extra 30% paid daily in cash directly to your account. The bonuses aren't deducted when they calculate this 30%.

  • Try and play all (or as much of) your raked hand requirement over any 2 week period that coincides with one of the eurolinx bi-weekly rake races. Extra $$$ for finishing 1st-70th.

  • Make a note of the hand number whenever your pocket aces lose at showdown - email support and they'll place $25 cash in to your account every time this happens. (Obviously you can just filter PT or HEM at the end of each day).

  • When you're done and have been credited with all this bonus money (you'll earn at least $3500 from bonuses + VIP cashback + Aces never lose doing all of the above) cash in the 30000-40000+ loyalty points you'll have earned. You can actually get an Xbox 360 pro (60gb) from their loyalty store for 35900 points right now, or a Nintendo Wii + sports pack for 41200.

  • This is a pretty sick deal for full-time players. If I was a part-time player I'd definitely consider taking a seriously +EV 1-2 week vacation from work to grind this deal.


    Razboynik said...

    Great deal.

    Unknown said...

    actually, it can be a $750 initial deposit bonus if you use moneybookers.

    Perpetual_Traveller said...

    Thanks Evan.

    I'm gonna deposit on 31st then wait 'til one of the rake races in late Jan/early Feb to try and clear all of the reload in a 2 week period I think.

    Razboynik said...

    Hey PT.
    Good luck in 2009.

    Man of Mystery said...

    Hello mate. Just found your blog through a link in the Betfair forum. Poker is certainly ideal for a PT.

    I actually met Bill at London's Lansdowne Club about 20 years ago through his publisher.

    I'd like to invite you to be a guest on my radio show at at a time to suit you.

    Please let me know here or there. It's mainly UK horse racing focused but I do do a weekly poker article.

    Sir, good luck, and congratulations on living the dream.