Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's done

I've changed my return flight to the UK to 3rd May. I dont think I'll have too many chances to be in the same room as The Dalai Lama in my life, and as I've read a lot of his stuff (all of which makes a lot of sense to me) I couldn't pass this opportunity up.

Nothing too exciting to write about, I spent another weekend in the Provinces of Buenos Aires. This is where the vast majority of the 13million associated with the city actually live. They all jump on buses every day to work in the city.

Sadly the standard of living is horribly low, lots of 'shanti' towns, people living in sheds with tin roofs etc. My gf's family have electricity, but no plumbing. It must get so cold in the winter. It breaks my heart.

However, their house is a wonderful place to visit, they're so welcoming it's untrue. I was wary at first, thinking they saw me as 'rich Gringo', but this turned out to be horribly mis-placed. They don't want a single thing from me, other than to know about my life....they're fascinated by the concept of Perpetual Travel, and can't believe I can make a living from anywhere in the world by just using my laptop.

The other great (and selfish) thing is that because of the time I have spent with them my Castallano (Argentine-Spanish) has come on leaps and bounds. It has had to as none of them speak a word of English. I can now at least hold a conversation with a local, providing they speak s-l-o-w-l-y. My pronounciation and verbs are still a joke, but I can at least get myself understood.

As for business, it's going fantastically at the moment. I've been fortunate to become acquainted with a great new friend in Malaysia. It's an absolute pleasure to talk with him online, even when I'm confusing the hell out of him when trying to teach him the 'art' of poker! He's doing pretty well considering just 2 weeks ago he'd never played a hand.

Away from the poker table this guy's personality shines. He has a huge heart and an inquisitive mind. He's teaching me as much as I'm teaching him....but he doesn't seem to realise this just yet. He will. I think it'll be a lucrative business relationship for us both, and a fantastic friendship for many years to come. Hopefully for life, who knows? It also makes my choice of where to go when it's starts getting cold in the UK later this year easy: Malaysia!

The cards have been falling kindly for me this week. Don't want to go into boring detail, but I'm feeling more and more secure about my methods. I have always been wary that one day +EV opportunities won't be around, and I'll have to go back to a real job. I'm now convinced this won't happen for the next 5yrs (as far into the future as I'm prepared to look) if not longer.

All is good, in fact all is damn good.



andy said...

hey did i ever tell you my parents are from malaysia?
i have a friend who's gonna be playing online poker in thailand, so i might go out there this winter too!
also there's great ways to make money, not just from poker but via some import/export on the old ebay (not drugs. look up 'bape hoody', 'bape t shirt' or anything bape on ebay, then see how much it costs when you get to malaysia. can you say 400% profit?)
also bringing back as many ciagarettes as you can into the uk is always the best way to never need a cashpoint.

in other news, you're right. the word for war is 'kreig'. what a dumbass, i think they expected me to think of that. oh well.

Perpetual_Traveller said...

haha, yeh, another e.g is laptops. Laptops in Argentina are 75-100% more than in the UK.
Cigarettes here are 70p a pack (Marlboro lights)....400 it is then!
You didnt mention your Malaysian heritage, seems they have a harder time online, a lot of casinos/poker rooms dont trust them.
Thanks for the tip re: bape.

andy said...

"You didnt mention your Malaysian heritage"
take a closer look at my msn pic

malaysia is funny with gambling cos the muslims aren't allowed to gamble, so they have a big ass casino in the mountains for the chinese, tourists etc.
i dont have internet casino probs, cos im british born and raised. got the passport to prove it :D

only 400? man, my mum hit up 2600 last time, and i consider it a waste of a trip without 3k.
if you get caught they make you pay tax on all of the cigs over the allowance of 200, and then confiscate the excess.
so dont get caught...