Friday, November 21, 2008

Poker Players in Buenos Aires

Just how many online poker players are there in Buenos Aires right now??!

I went to dinner a few weeks back and met bunch of them, there were 14 of us in total I think. North Americans, a couple of Canadians, a few Scandies and a few Brits. On top of this several of the guys knew of several other full time players in Buenos Aires who weren't at the dinner.

Fairly amusing was the fact that I was comfortably the oldest there (at 32yrs!!) AND comfortably playing at the lowest stakes. At least I ran good at the credit-card roulette, in fact I think the highest stakes regular ended up losing and paying the 1000 pesos bill (5 big-blinds for him I think).

Nearly all of them have ended up here due to this thread over at

We guestimated there are currently 30+ travelling online pro's here that we know of.

Interstingly RazboyNik posted a comment linking to the news that the Argy government is considering a UIGEA type ban on internet gambling which int heory may screw things up for future poker playing visitors. I spoke with several Argy citizens about the likelyhood of this law passing aand it's consequences and got the usual response of "LOL government, who takes any notice of them and their laws?!".


Mike said...

wow, that's a lot. i am sure there are also quite a few in SE Asia with the cheap cost of living.

Anonymous said...

Know of 2 young irish guys that have went over recently
Cardshark and valor user names on 2 plus 2 i think early 20s
24 up tp 10 20 players
dont be concerned about teh stakes u play just keep enjoying it .

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Mike - yeah, there's two huge threads on 2+2 about Thailand. A LOT of young players are out there right now.

Mick - I met two young Irish guys Gavin and his buddy (name escapes me) at the dinner, but his 2+2 handle is Praetor. Quality drinkers. Gavin was the one who ran bad at credit card roulette. Dead right re: the stakes I play, thanks.

Hypnotic said...

Come to tokyo next!

Anonymous said...

Ya gavin and reggie
reggie has quality you tube footage please readers look up cardshark broke priceless.

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Tokyo officially added to my list.


TrUlster said...

Tokyo is the shit for sure, I am there now as well. Though the insanely strong Yen makes it 40% more expensive than last time a year ago! The pain!