Thursday, September 11, 2008

August results

I lost a week in August due to illness (my penchant for rare steak + '3rd world' hygiene standards finally caught up with me I think).

A throughly standard +$1450 month for this 9-tabling nit. Add to this $350 in bonuses and $450 in rakeback for a total of +$2250.

Septembers plan has been to go back to studying the game again, cut down to 4 tables at NL100. Actually thinking about hands/opponents/hand reading for a change.


Pud's Poker said...

Does a $2,250 a month "wage" allow you to live better than the average Argentinian (sp)?

Just curious!

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Hey Pud, good question.

My Argy friends make between 700-1000 USD per month.

However, their cost of living is lower than mine almost entirely because of the rental situation. They typically rent for 300-400 US per month, whereas a tourist here is lucky to find a nice place for around $700/month.

I've stated a few times in the blog, for a tourist anywhere around $1200-$1500 US a month affords a very comfortable living here.

Are you still blogging for BetFair btw?

Pud's poker said...

Yeah mate, been blogging on there a while now and even started writing articles for their WSOP and WSOPE site so all good.

Glad to see you still blogging away, I still laugh when I remember your post about asking your girlfriend to "suck your tickets" in Spanish!