Friday, August 01, 2008

July Results

Here's my monthly summary for July, slightly confusing as I now have two computers. My old laptop running PokerTracker2, my new sexy Vaio desktop running PokerTracker 2 and 3. For August I'll combine databases and get PT3 running on my laptop.

Ladbrokes and Doyles Room (Microgaming network)

Ladbrokes uses the microgaming software but doesn't share it's players. The place is an absolute delight to play small-stakes No-limit hold'em. I cleared the $500 signup and received and extra $175 from their in-house monthly rakeback scheme. Meanwhile I cleared the $50 Doyles signup and received an extra $90 kickback from

Poker Stars

Add to this Stars result $120 in reload bonus money.


This action cleared the remainder of the $600 signup bonus at Chili.


So, only 34000 hands for total winnings of $1500 plus $1360 in bonuses and $175 rakeback for a net +$3035 month. I went on an 8 buyin downswing during the last week of July, so ended up not quite being the month I hoped it would be. Still, not bad for a small-stakes grinder.

I'm perfectly happy with this kind of poker income, when combined with my affiliate earnings and casino play my monthly income exceeded my total living costs by around $5000!


Razboynik said...

Hey dude ! At last - a post !
Nice results.
I've been on a downswing since August, and it hasn't let up. I might be grinding micro-stakes soon lol.

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Ha! Cheers,

I don't want to see 28/25 players at my table TYVM ;-)