Saturday, June 07, 2008

Beautiful cities just published a Top Ten Cities with the most beautiful women list. Buenos Aires took 3rd.

Sadly I've only visited 4 cities on the list. L.A taking 5th spot is somewhat bemusing, and the beauty quotient in Amsterdam was pretty average (from what I remember: my week there was a bit of a blur).

Friends have comfirmed the winner Stockholm is totty-tastic.

FWIW Krakow, Poland would take first place on my list, BA taking the number 2 spot. Third would go to Perth, Western Australia (I loved the diversity there). Your top 3 would be......?


Razboynik said...

Krasnodar in southern Russia has extemely beautiful women; far more attractive than those in Moscow.
Kiev in the Ukraine also has many blonde curvacious beauties.

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Intersting, thanks....I'm off to google Krasnodar now!

JuiceMag said...

I vote for Russian girls hehe, they are bloody hot!

TrUlster said...

Well, I see this list has a certain Scandinavian lean. As a Norwegian I cannot totally disagree, both Stockholm and Copenhagen are pretty alright, better than most European continental destinations for sure.

However, my list would be a bit different:

3. Medellin, Colombia. Hot, hot, hot. And full-bodied.

2. Tokyo, Jp. Dressing to kill, in general the most elegant female population in the world.

1. Rosario, Argentina. Yes, rather then Buenos Aires this city is rather overwhelming, at times ridiculously so at nighttime. Going back there for sure.

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Hey Truls

I remember you telling me about Rosario....I'm sure I'll be pestering you for a joint trip there when you make it back to BA.

bjorn said...

Cool, I've been to all cities in the list except BA .. guess that's my next logical destination then ;-)