Friday, November 23, 2007

Not big, not clever

Should play drunk more often:


Randy Barning said...

my two best wins at NL were both while drunk, $400 and $500 in less than an hour each.
Got run over by the deck both times.
I guess drunkeness equals good karma!

Razboynik said...

Everything in moderation.
I play well on two - three pints (it always seems that way anyway) but any more than that and it's suicide.

cédric said...

I'm living in Buenos Aires, and love poker too!
Do you know any places to play in here?
If not which web site can I play?coz i tried but apparently due to the argentinian law I can't..?
Let me know by e-mail:

OpenG said...

Hiya buddy...I just got a windows vista update of a texas holdem poker game, I'm actually learning how to play courtesy of Bill is the new site coming on?

OpenG said...

aha, Texas Holdem is only available on vista ultimate so it seems, not so generous Monsignor Gates...btw it's yer old cyber gypsy here

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Hey razboy, it's definitely easier to "LAG it up" after a couple of pints. On this occassion however I was waaay to drunk to be doing anything other than sleeping.

Cedric, I've never heard of Argentines having problems signing up at Party, in fact I know a couple who have. I see plenty of players at most sites from Argentina.

If you're looking to play live there's a game at the floating casino @ Puerto Madero. Pretty awful set up though, NL1000 min buy-in (pesos obv) with a 10% rake (could be 5%) UNCAPPED as I recall. I play a live game once a week with friends, sow ill email you with details.

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Dom, I've done sweet FA wrt to developing the next website. Long story really, I'll email you later this week mate.