Friday, October 05, 2007

Totesport throwing EV at players

Well known British bookie Totesport are running some awesome promotions over the next 2 weeks.

1. From 4th October until 14th October we will be doubling the casino
sign up bonus to 125% bonus up to £250. This is to coincide with our
Las Vegas promotion giveaway.

2. 100% Bonus available Thursday 4th - Monday 8th
A great bonus offer from totesport casino - we'll match your next
deposit during this period with a 100% bonus up to £50!

3. Thursday 11th Free Bet Promotion
Make this weekend's sporting action even more exciting with a free
bet! Wager between £500 and £1000 in the casino today and we'll give
you 10% back as a free sports bet for the weekend!

4. Free Cash Friday 12th
Everyone who logs into the casino today receives a random free bonus
between £5 and £100!

5. Saturday 13th 50% Bonus
Kick-off your weekend with a great 50% bonus up to £50!

That's over 350GBP in casino bonuses, and a 100GBP sportsbook bonus.

All bonuses have a 40 times playthrough before they become withdrawable. Blackjack is one of the games excluded, however VIDEO POKER ISN'T.

Jacks or Better Videopoker has a return of 99.5%, so you will lose:
(350 x 40) x 0.005
= 70 GBP of your 350 GBP bonuses
(you'll also gain 14GBP worth of loyalty points for your action).

Totesport are also giving away a trip for 2 to Las Vegas every day for a week (anyone who deposits at least 10GBP from the 8th October gets an entry into the prize draw).

To read more about all these deals go to the casino homepage and click the promotions tab.

I'm jumping all over this.


lee said...

This sounds interesting mate. I've not chased casino bonuses before, so i have no idea how long they take to complete.

If I went for the full 125% bonus on my £200 1st deposit, do you have any idea how long it would take to play through the required 40 times on video poker?


Anonymous said...

Hey, come stop by the PT Spot in Atlantis:

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Hi Lee. Good question, and as always the answer is: "it depends".

Really it depends on your attitude towards risk. If you want to minimize your variance you'd play at the small coin denomination (25p x5coins = 1.25 per hand).

At this level I'd guesstimate that you'd clear your 8000 requirement in around 20-25hrs. For an EV of 160GBP = 8-6.40GBP per hour.

Playing at the 50p/2.50 level obviously halves the time and doubles your hourly rate.

What I tend to do is to play multihand videopoker (4 handed). Exactly the same EV but I expect to clear 8000 in 5-6hrs.

Another "it depends" is how well you know basic strategy. If you need to repeatedly check the charts it'll slow you down a fair bit.

Carlos said...

Very interesting. Only one question: Some casinos have Terms And Conditions about bonus hunting, how do you avoid this?:

"The bonus is available to genuine players only, genuine players being ones who are actively risking funds on games with the intention of winning. Any players wagering in such a way as to meet the wagering requirements with low risk wagers to solely take advantage of the bonus will have any bonuses and winnings attributable to their bonuses removed".


Perpetual_Traveller said...

Hi Carlos

I've never known a casino to enforce this T&C on a players first 2-3 deposits. I have been "bonus banned" from a handful of outfits...but this was after claiming many reload deals over several months/years.

I've claimed monthly deals form Totesport for about 18months now, with no problems.

Carlos said...

Hi again, thanks for the info. Like Lee said in the first comment I've not chased casino bonuses before, only poker bonuses, but there are tons of casinos offering Signup Bonuses with reasonable wagering requirements and other sites with guides indexing the best places for playing. I see a lot of +EV, is it so easy?

Thanks again

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Carlos, sort of! Though Lee didn't do well on this deal.

Can you drop me an email? My address is available via my profile page.

If you'd rather not I can explain a little further here.