Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Toiletgate scandal

Nothing new in the world of politics, but more corruption/dodgy goings on made the Argentine press (and the world press too) last week.

Argentine Economy Minister Felisa Miceli was forced to resign on Monday, after a routine bomb inspection of her office turned up a bag of at least $64000USD in cash (denominated in pesos, dollars and euros) in the adjoining private bathroom. I say "at least" because some reports state $241000 USD was found.

A few excuses were given by Micelli at first: the cash was destined for a private property purchase, that it could be accounted for in her sworn income statements, but Miceli later told reporters her brother lent most of it.

Interesting that some of the cash was reported by Perfil to have been bearing a special seal from the central bank, which can only distribute cash to financial institutions.

LMAO, Miceli was clearly a character who could be trusted to run a countries $51.5 billion economy appropriately.

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