Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dabbling with sportsbetting

..or scalping/arbing to be more accurate.

Making money form sportsbetting has been on my 'to do' list for about 4 years now, I finally placed my first arb yesterday. I placed a bet on an ATP Tennis match (two bets to be precise). If the favourite won I won $125, if the underdog won I won $20. Naturally the underdog won. But still, a positive result first time out. I'll start small, develop the necessary skills and hope to augment my monthly online income over the next year.

Pokerwise I've made a cheap move and dropped down to micro-limits to clear some easy bonuses on the prima network. 6-tabling $1/$2 and $1/$0.50 to clear around $1000 in bonuses. After a couple of months on Stars it's nice to be playing amongst poorer than average players again.

When I'm done with Prima I think it'll be back to playing shorthanded at Towergaming for their $500 x7 freeloads.

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