Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Snow in Buenos Aires

So, yesterday it snowed here for the first time in 80-odd years. The locals are loving it, but it's a stark reminder for me that I need to switch hemispheres, and fast.

If you're looking to get a flight out of Argyland your best bet is probably the Argentine site Despegar.com. I found a return flight to the UK for $1000 USD, about $400 cheaper than anywhere else I could find.

There is a catch for Johnny foreigner, as Despegar won't accept more than 2000pesos (about $670 USD) via a foregin credit card (we all know the Argentine banking system is far more trustworthy).

Not to worry, they have an office in the Capital (Av. Corrientes 587 3er Piso

Also of note is that internal flights are far more expensive for foreigners than for Argies (presumably some sort of subsidy going on). Another nice example of the Gringo Tax.

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