Saturday, July 14, 2007

A meeting of minds

Had a great little meeting in Buenos Aires yesterday. A guy from Norway contacted me via this blog about a month ago saying he was selling up and embarking on a Perpetual Travel experiment, and that he'd be in BA in July.

We met yesterday, and I'm glad we did, I don't often meet people who are so like-minded (it's a relief when it happens).

Anyway, after a beer or two we went for a stroll around the Botanical gardens in Palermo to continue discussions on our mistrust of governments, PT, making a living online etc etc. There we stumbled upon a group of Porteños playing chess. They were very welcoming (most Porteños are) and were happy to challenge us to a game.

Might have to put a weekly chess-visit in my diary, it's a great way of meeting intersting people and practicing Spanish.

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