Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Turning the corner

At last the cards are beginning to fall kindly, I've been managing to book some decent wins this week.

Poker Stars
I played a sporadic 10K hands or so at Stars during the last 2-3 weeks, $3/6 mostly with some $2/4, at times playing up to 6 tables, mainly to take advantage of the double points promo period, and reload bonus. The standard of play is significantly better at Stars, and as I'm still playing without poker tracker (3 months now) I think it's wise to stick to other networks. I practiced good table selection but still I managed to grind out a steady -1BB/hrs. Very frustrating when the 1 or 2 clowns at the table seem to suckout against me only, then have to sit back and watch as they spunk away my chips to the other TAGs. A particularly enjoyable hour where my flopped set of Kings lost to rivered quads TWICE.
Result: -$250, so by no means disastorous, I'm Gold Star Status this month and have 12000FPPs, so one eye on the Video Ipod. Might as well play the $100K freeroll donkament at the end of June too.

Ongame (Tower)
Another 7000 hands I guesstimate, in 2 weeks. $2/$4 full ring and some $1/2 shorthanded. Never more than 4 tables. Solid losses until this weekend, where all came good. The full ring games are super soft during the week (European evenings), which helps. Sadly not much $3/6 going on, I should grow a pair and play more $5/$10 but want to wait until I have PT again.
Result: +$800 including bonuses.

I don't usually play here much, but with the new points system in place and the fact that I'm sending and receiving P2P transfers for significant $$ every month I figured I'd give them some action again. Glad I did, as I'm running hot at the $2/$4 tables and am up around $350 in just 2K hands.

Finally, +EV blackjack has been OK, nothing spectacular (I´m actually a little below EV) but +$400 for about 10hrs play this week is plenty for me.

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