Thursday, June 28, 2007

More football violence in Argentina

This weekends tie between Neuva Chicago and Tigre was marred with extremely ugly scenes, one fan was killed outside the stadium, many were badly injured.

The cops were essentially useless for around 30mins. In fact the fan who died lay on the ground suffering convulsions for 20mins as the cops just looked on, refusing to help despite pleas from other fans.

Bizarre scenes as Chicago fans ran on to the pitch and actually mugged their own players of their clothing.

After over 18months in Buenos Aires I am still really struggling to get a handle on just how violent Argentine society is. On the one hand I am bombarded by images such as those below every day by the media (also daily shootings etc) yet on the other hand I have never once felt threatened or in danger when walking the streets here. (Common sense obviously dictacts when and where I walk the streets).

This Tube gives a good review of what these fucking animals got up to.

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