Thursday, February 08, 2007

What does Ramera mean?

More fun with the Spanish language yesterday. I decided I needed a couple of new T-shirts so I took a walk along Avenida Cabildo, where there's plenty of stores to chose from.

I step into River Pass (local equivalent of Diesel, I guess) and the cute young assistant immeadiately greats me and asks if she can help in anyway.

"Estoy buscando para rameras" I say....I could chat to this girl for ages, no problem, I'm thinking.

I'm rewarded with a slightly confused and embarrased look on her face....she's blushing. So I repeat what I said, this time pointing to my T-shirt at the same time.

"Estoy buscando para rameras" I say, gesticulating.

"Ahhh, REMERAS?" she says, with a relieved look on her face. "Aca". She points, and leads me towards the back of the store.

"Bollocks" I think to myself, yet another pis-pronounciation.

Later that night I double check how to pronounce various items of clothing with The Misses, I tell her how I'd messed up earlier when I bought the T-shirt....she starts pissing herself with laughter.

Turns out I had said to the pretty young assistant "I am searching for sluts".


Nabomb said...

That's awesome. Too bad you hadn't asked for 'large' t-shirts.

Poker_Tourist said...

or cheap ones!