Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ciber Cafes here I come

My laptop has died, ceased to exist, is no more, has expired to meet it's maker....it is an ex-laptop.

Many Argentines can't afford PCs (they're 50% more expensive here than the US or UK) so, internet access in Buenos Aires isn't a problem, there is at least one 'Ciber' cafe on every block (at least in Belgrano), the going rate is 1.5 pesos an hour.

This is my 3rd laptop, not one has made it to it's 2nd Birthday.


Nabomb said...

Let's start a laptop import/export resale business.

Poker_Tourist said...

Ha! The Argies slap a 50% tax on imports (from what I understand).

I reckon I could smuggle more Ipods than laptops in my suitcase.