Sunday, February 25, 2007

UNICEF report says Britain is failing it's Yoooof

The UK has been accused of failing its children, it came bottom of a league table for child well-being across 21 industrialised countries according to a recent UNICEF report. (Adobe)

The Netherlands finished top, followed by Sweden then Denmark. Congrats to the USA for avoiding relegation and finishing in 20th position.
This report is so unusual because it makes a radical departure.
It attempts to bring together information from a wide range of existing studies across many aspects of a child's life - birth weight to health behaviour, like smoking, sexual activity, diet and exercise. It also embraces the more complicated realm of emotional well-being, including sections on relationships with family and friends and, perhaps most ambitious of all, how children feel about themselves and their lives.

You can read what the BBC had to say about it here.

The report kind of ties in nicely with the 44 seconds of genius posted by the Kersal Massive (Salford, Manchester UK) on YouTube (below), who launch into an obscene tirade about travelling Manchester using day saver bus passes, smoking reefer, stealing cars, mugging people and having sex with "back seat hos". Occasionally they break off to attack nearby Levenshulme ("Levenshulme can go fuck that shit").

The video has received over 160,000 views and 400 comments so far, with viewers split into two camps: the haters, and those who are amused.

There's since been a host of spoofs, some brilliant at Youtube. You can find a list here.

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