Thursday, January 04, 2007

Running Good

Much better run of cards so far this week.....thankfully.

Clearing the Poker Stars reload by 3-tabling $2/4 Full Ring Limit Holdem: yesterday I ran at +8BBs/100 hands for 1000 hands....approx 4hrs. (clearing $70 of the bonus).

I'm also currently clearing a $200 sign-up at Trident Poker on the Prima Network. Because of the rake structure it's actually worth more $/hr in terms of bonus clearance to play $1/$2 than $2/$4. 4-5 tabling I've just played 1200 hands @ 5.5BBs/100 (clearing $75 of the bonus).

I promise I'll post something interesting eventually later this week.


blaxjax said...

um, those graphs look interesting...What are they exactly?

Poker_Tourist said...

haha, click them: profit/loss versus number of hands hands.

Available free at, works with pokertracker.

As a rule 'up' curve = good; 'down' curve = bad.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I saw the figures for Trident on Prima today on Bonuswhores and the clearance rates seem pretty good even for 6 max NL25 (around $1.80 an hour).

Is the site just like any other Prima and can you get rakeback as far as you know?

Poker_Tourist said...

You won't get rakeback for Trident as the signup is greater than 100% rb.....the bonus is deducted from MGR. However if you plan on playing after you've cleared the welcome deal it'll be worth getting it. I can point you in the right direction if so, though google usually comes up with the goods.

Trident are just like any other Prima.....they processed my cashout within 48hrs. (Documemnts required due to Argentine IP).

Poker_Tourist said...

Email andyATthepokerprofdotcom for RB at trident btw.