Saturday, February 28, 2009

March Rake Races

We're coming around to the time when most poker sites begin to announce their rake races for the coming month, so I've updated my rake race calendar for anyone who's interested in these types of promotions.

Not too sure if I'll be competing in one myself during March. The BetSafe race when combined with the $2K signup looks pretty sick value, but the thought of grinding 60K+ hands in one month on the Ongame platform makes me nauseous.

Eurolinx have offered up a $1K reload bonus that clears at 13 raked hands per dollar, so that plus the 30% VIP deal is probably enough to persuade me to play there I think.

Actually playing poker has taken a back seat over the past few months and it's starting to dawn on me that other business interests may mean that in 6-12 months I'll be able quit playing altogethor. My heart just isn't in the game anymore and it's no longer possible to just 'auto-pilot' your way through 6-9 tables and turn a decent profit. It takes a real commitment to constantly improve, deal with tilt etc etc.......and commitment is not something I do well ;-)

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