Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cyber Gypsy blogging again!

Breaking news: The Cyber Gypsy is blogging again! He's currently bewtween Cambodia and Thailand I believe.

Hell of a motivator to travel that British winter eh?


Anonymous said...

Hiya Feller - How's it going with house buying in South America?
BTW, in the 'that's what 35 Billion looks like' I am not sure if there are 35 billion dollars in circulation (I once heard that if Bill Gates tried to get all of his money out of the bank they wouldn't be able to give it to him if they nabbed all of the dollars in the world). Wouldn't this piss you off - I once saw a clip of Bill Gates trying to get a pepsi at a convention but he couldn't as he didn't have any cash.
As for this Cyber Gypsy I'm in Guilin in China right now. I had my laptop ripped off last week which was quite a ball, I got another one, but that's a long story.
Keep safe mate, and keep on winning...

Anonymous said...

(stupid question warning)
I found one of your blogs on a wikipedia page about PT's. I was wondering if it is possible to be a PT in a country of origin (for more than six months) if I do not have a permanent residence. e.g. the guy from Into The Wild