Saturday, May 31, 2008

Monthly Summary

Slightly disappointed with my months play - not enough hands, and certainly not enough hands at NL100.

I had 3 nasty 4-tabling sessions at NL100 early in the month, dropping 8 buy-ins. Instead of playing through it and backing my game I dropped down to the comfort of 10-tabling NL50. I need to fix this attitude, it's costing me money.

I'm a bit weird when it comes to poker goals, I don't really have any desire to ever play above NL200. I know I am far from naturally gifted and I'm not really prepared to put the effort that'd be required for me to consistently beat higher limits. Playing poker is one of 3 income streams for me. I know myself well enough to know I have been, and will always be, a "jack of all trades, master of none".

So, 37,000 hands @ 4PTBB/100, ending $1500 in profit and paying $1465 in rake in the process! Most of these hands were at Prima, with some at Ipoker. By shopping around for the best deals I actually got 90% of my rake back in bonuses. For example VC poker ran an awesome deal last week (double & treble loyalty points) which meant their $600 signup deal equalled 100/150% rakeback. Too good to pass up. Poker Host have a $2K signup deal which equates to around 70% rb.


Razboynik said...

Good solid results.
I had a great month until the last session of the month when I lost 4 BI. I lost 5/6 all-ins preflop. Sh!t happens.
I also have trouble getting the hands in, because my internet connection is really pantz, as I live in the 'sticks'.
I'd also be very happy, being a $200tx nl winning player....!

Pud's Poker said...

When I first started playing I had a dream of being able to play NL5000 and earn a ridiculous amount of money but now I'd be more than happy to get to NL200 and earn a decent crust.

I read an article ages ago where people asked Green Plastic why he doesn't play the nosebleed stakes of $100/$200 often and he basically replied along the lines of why should he when he totally destroys $10/$20 and $25/$50

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Raz, is it +EV to get a data card of some sort? I think Vodafone have a 20 quid a month deal (though it's an 18 month contract).

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Hey Pud, I hadn't realised your blog had moved to BetFair: congrats mate!

Funny how none of us are that bothered about playing mid/high stakes NL. I really do admire the guys with the drive/ability who do.

There is something to be said for the "make as much money as you can" mentality, but I'm actually more optimistic about the future of online poker. I see a future where the US prohibition is dropped, and I see those crazy asians coming to the party. Basically I think the games will be soft again some day. (3+ yrs from now?!).

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Edit: that should say: "make as much money as you can, while you can"

Lee B said...


Really enjoyed your recent posts as I've got back into playing again after a 9 month break, also, I've been on similar stakes, hunting similar bonuses.

Just wanted to know where you found the bonuses as I get the Bonus Whores newletter, but you seem to find a few extra gems!

I did the Everest $500 and defo going for the Poker Host $2k now you brought it to my attention.

Please keep mentioning the bonuses via the blog, but if there are some amazing extra sources let me know.

Well done on your results so far! :)

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Hey Lee

I spend a fair bit of time reading the forums, especially 2+2. A lot of good deals just tend to land in my inbox also.

I should've posted about the VC deal sooner, but I'm just too damb lazy nowadays. I will post any new deal that I'm about to embark on though. I'm a nit when it comes to finding the best offers I can.

Feel free to drop me an email btw, there's a few things I can do for youto help improve EV (and vice versa probably). My email addy is available at the My Profile page.