Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Frustration at Stars

I can only conclude that I am not good enough to beat the combination of decent players and 5% rake at Stars. After 20K hands I have fought my way back to -$30. LOL.

It doesn't help when your very first orbit of the day goes like this:

$3/$6 Texas Hold'em Full Ring (first orbit so no reads...bar 3 regulars at the table).

I'm in middle position with pocket Queens, and it's folded to me. I raise, everyone folds, button re-raises, blinds fold....

I just call here, I'm out of position and I've never played this guy before, if no A or K flops I'm going to war.

Flop: T clubs, 5 spades, 2 hearts. Eureka.

I check, viallin bets, I raise, villain makes it 3 (He has AA, KK?) I cap, he calls. I decide I'm check/calling him down now....probably incorrectly.

Turn: 8 clubs.
I check, villain bets, I call.

River: J spades.
I check, villain bets, I call.

Villain show's down 88 for turned trips, I muck with a sigh, and note villains poor play.


Dealt to me: pocket aces.

Early position player (EPP) raises, I re-raise, villain cold calls (WTF??!...now I'm convinced he's a clown) everyone else folds, EPP calls.

Flop: Kspades, 2spades, 7hearts.
EPP bets.....I figure a raise here isn't pushing a flush draw off the hand so I just call (with the intention of going to war if the turn doesn't bring a spade), villain calls.

Turn: 9diamonds.
EPP bets, I RAISE, villain cold calls (WTF??!), EPP just calls (EPP does not have KK, nor does villain).

Turn: 2spades, ffffff, the scare card for me.
EPP checks, I check, villain immeadiately bets, EPP calls, I make the crying call.

EPP turns over QQ, villain flips 22 for rivered trips. Outrageously bad play.

3 hands later, dealt to me UTG: KK, christ, more money down the drain I think.

I raise, everyone folds (including villain.....gutted) bar the button who reraises, I make it 4.

Flop is Q high and rainbow.

I bet, button calls.

Turn is a blank 5.

I bet, button raises, I re-raise, button caps.....oh fuck, I'm beaten here and I know it, probably by QQ I think...I call hoping that the button has fallen in love with AQs.

River: Blank Ten.
I check, button bets, I call.
Button shows pocket Aces.

First orbit and I'm $106 in the hole.

Meanwhile, I played the Gold Star $100K donkament on Saturday, managed to get myself to 2400 chips from a start of 1500 when my re-raise all-in against the table bully was cold called by the button (bully then folded). I had pocket 88's coldcaller flipped Ace-5 offsuit. Obviously he flopped his ace. Still, I got my chips in as 70/30 favourite so can't complain....also I'm no donkament player.


Anonymous said...

Sample Size...

I've run breakeven over 50K hands. Checkout davidross' posts where he has TWO 500BB downswings.

Perpetual_Traveller said...

You're absolutely right of course, 20K hands really isn't enough to draw any conclusions.

DavidRoss: Zoo Legend. I use to love reading his threads, massive inspiration to me.

I did a quick search for his posts and found this site....makes finding his writing much easier. Definitely worth a read for any aspiring pro.