Monday, April 09, 2007

Rental costs in Buenos Aires are rising

The Argentine media reported that rents have risen by nearly 30% over the past 12 months a couple of weeks back. A pretty significant jump.

Browsing the plethora of short-term, tourist-orientated apartment rental websites I can see this is clearly true for vistors too. An apartment that would've cost $600 USD per month when I first came here in late 2005 is now being advertised at $800, often more.

Simple law of supply and demand I guess. As more and more tourists arrive here so prices will rise. Still, chat with your average Porteno and mention that a tourist will happily part with $1000/month for a luxury one-bed flat in Recoleta and his jaw will drop.

I've actually left the Capital Federal for the forseeable. Here's a few shots of what I left behind at $600/month. An unfurnished apartment in the same building for an Argentine (with Guarantor) runs at approx $300/month.

The building, brand new (and virtually empty) when I first moved in.

The Pool.

The Parilla (BBQ)

The not-so million dollar view


Roamer said...

So where are you now ?

Perpetual_Traveller said...

I'm currently living in Quilmes, a Province approx 20km east of the Capital.....sort of a Morgan Spurlock style 30 day experiment which I'll post about soon.

How is the Dominican Republic treating you?

Roamer said...

cool. last couple of months have been non stop celebrations.

First carnaval, then independence day and recently samana santa