Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Me no good

A lovely graph of my poker performance over the last 6000 poker hands of December:

75% of that action was at $2/$4 full ring LHE. A pretty tasty -175BB (-$700) swing. I don't ever recall slumping so badly. Most of it was down to sheer bad luck, I probably threw 25BBs (poss more?) away tilting.

Add this to the fact that I was spewing cash at the blackjack tables (-$2500 chasing just +$300 in EV at one point) and December was a pretty crappy month.

Thankfully I recovered approx $1500 of the blackjack losses finishing wagering requirements for a +EV promotion at one casino. I also received $900 in bonuses and rakeback for my poker action.

December 2006 was a losing month.....my last losing month was December 2005.

As my attempts to be financially productive were costing me money in December I decided it was +EV to be non-productive. Consequently I've managed to watch entire series' of my favourite TV shows on the internet AND sleep for incredibly long stretches (totalling 42hrs in 3 nights!!).

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