Friday, November 17, 2006

At least I learnt some Russian Insults

Just finished a pretty horrible session at VegasPoker247....a relatively new Absolute Poker skin. In theory this should be a pretty profitable site to play: 100% bonus upto $750 that clears at $10 for every 100 raked hands (raked 50c or more to count), plus I'm hooked up for 25% rakeback (bonus isn't deducted from MGR) on top. Should be worth at least $20/hr in incentives alone when 3-tabling. (Give me a shout if interested).

If I was actually good enough to grind out even 1BB/100 hands I'd be happy enough. I dropped $270 in 2hrs playing two, sometimes three, 2/4 SH and 3/6 FR LHE tables. I didn't play too badly IMO, maybe 2 or 3 bad plays for a couple of extra lost bets.

I lost my cool when my flopped Full House (hole cards: 55, flop 656) got rivered by a Russian who caught his miracle card (A seven) to complete his full house.....he'd called 3 bets cold on the turned 4 btw.

As luck would have it I had The Russian wife of The Argentine in my apartment at the time, she scrawled the following insults for me to throw at him:

Ebanoe chmo: Fucking moron
Otsosi: Suck my dick
Obobral Syka: You ripped me off
Pizda: C*nt
Piska: Pussy

Bastard just LOL'd at me.


Perpetual_Traveller said...

Yeah, yeah, I know I should just say 'nh' and get on with it.

Nabomb said...

That does suck....keep plugging, get the bonus and next time take that Russian down! He'll be left saying 'pay dat man his money' as he's hurling his oreo cookies accross the room.