Monday, September 18, 2006

The Odds of a Royal Flush Board?

The good thing about being back in Argentina: fewer distractions from table-time. Consequently I've finally knuckled down and played plenty of the region of 5000 each week since getting here.

My game really hasn't improved for a couple of years, but bonuses mean it hasn't had to. I don't really feel the urge to move up through the limits (occassionally I do), or change to No-limit. If it isn't broke don't fix it: I'm profiting as much as I want to.

4-6 tabling I'm just slightly above a break even player, which means USD$20-$30 (sometimes more) in bonus money.

Fingers in other pie's brings financial security.

I did see a royal flush board today - playing microlimits heads up, the odds of seeing a royal flush board in texas holdem must be huge. By my calculaions they should be:

20/50 x 4/49 x 3/48 x 2/47 x 1/46
= 1.887897 x 10e-6
(0.0000001887897, or 1 in every 529,690 hands!)

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