Friday, June 09, 2006

Perpetual Blame

At last I return to my blog....if only for a short post:

I've been back in the UK for 5 weeks or more, after a depressing month of cold and rain the skies have cleared and the sun has been shining consistently. Life just seems so much more palatable now.

After 6 months in the 'third world' I find myself ridiculously frustrated trying to get a broadband connection at my family home in the 'first world'. Bulldog (my provider) blame British Telecom, British Telecom blame Bulldog. I blame the cost-cutting, share-holder pleasing telecoms industry as a whole. Either way, after a 3 week wait for my phone line to be 'activated' and after numerous wasted hours on-hold I still find myself dialling up via a 56K modem. Funny how in Argentina an engineer appeared within a week to install all cables and modem as promised. The chances of me actually speaking to a human being (let alone seeing one in the form of an engineer) in the UK seem next to none.

I'm in a small city on the border with Wales, I have precisely 3 hot-spots within a 20 mile radius, each charges 3GBP per hour for the privilege. Consequently I've played barely 5 hours of poker since my return. My websites are in urgent need of updating and my business partner must be starting to give up on me by now.

Still, the sun continues to shine. Life could be worse. ;-)

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