Friday, July 04, 2008


Here's the plan for the next 4 weeks or so to net >$3000US at my micro-stakes:

1. VC poker.
I am Emerald here so get $75 cash for 15000 of my previously earned loyalty points.
I also get a 40% reload upto $150 that'll take me approx 10000 hands to clear.

2. Ladbrokes poker.
A $500 signup bonus plus 25% rakeback for clearing this in one month.
Checking the promtions page I see they're running weekly rake races, so I'll clear the signup during week 8-14th, with the vast majority of hands played on 12-13 for double points.
Should take me approx 15000 hands to clear, and it'll be intersting to see if I gain anything during the rake race.

3. Doyles Room via
A $55 signup bonus from Doyles and an extra $90 from
Shouldn't take more than 3000 hands and will come out at >100% rakeback.

4. Chili Poker.
$600 signup.
This should take me around 30000 hands to clear and, well, I have a special deal on top.

5. Poker Stars
I've already cleared my $120 reload from April during this weeks double VPP and ran well. It took 3000 hands. I have a feeling they're going to offer a reload later this month too.

So, in total that's $1590 in bonuses, and approx $760 in rb, 58000 hands left to play. If I can crush the games @ 3PTBB/100 hands (!) I expect to win $1740-$3480 playing NL50-NL100.


Nomadic Matt said...

I dont have the disipline to play online. i end up losing thousands....but when i sit in the casino i play a lot better and win it back.

you'd get along with a friend of mine...plays online...wins like 40k a month....sick....

Razboynik said...

That's a well thought out plan.
You should be an accountant lol.
The bonuses are a good buffer if it all goes 'pear shaped'....!

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Hi Matt, I find it easier to be disciplined online than live, playing 8+ tables at once helps I guess, mainly becuase it isn't too long before a strong hand comes along at at least one table.

I wish I could apply the same discipline to my blogging habits.

There are some sick amounts being won by the online pro's, so many of them seem to be in their very early 20's too. B*stards!

Michael said...

Good luck.

I've actually been meaning to leave a comment or something for a while. I don't even know if you remember me (Michael from New Zealand), you coached me once or twice at the beginning of last year, and then gave me some help with casino bonuses. I haven't really looked back since, so thanks. (Oh and I'm still playing poker mainly 200NL -- although I suck at putting in volume, lol)

Anyway I try to read your blog once a month or so, which is good since that's about as often as you were posting until recently ;D

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Hey Michael, long time no speak. Good to hear you're doing well, and that I may have helped in some small way.

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued...desperate to get back on the road, even considering a "loan and run"...lazy I know. Is there any good tutorial on this kind of thing? The jargon, the methods etc?

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Hey Mantecanaut,

I missed your comment - apologies. I'll try and knock up a post as a guide for complete newbs ASAP.