Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bar Congo Palermo Hollywood

So much for cutting down on the alcohol consumption.

On Thursday night I met up with three full-time online poker players from the forums. After a few happy hour cocktails (2 strawberry dakairis for $4USD) at a bar in Palermo we hit the swanky bar "Congo" in Palermo Hollywood (Honduras 5329...a half decent map can be found here). There I got off to great start when a very attractive blonde approached me smiling, and introduced herself in perfect english. Sadly she turned out to be a buddy of one of the 2+2ers (who was at the bar at the time) who'd previously arranged to meet us there.

Congo seems to be a post-work hangout for monied PorteƱos, the vast majority of the guys there were wearing suits and a lot of them sipping champagne. Not somewhere I'd choose to hangout regularly, but definitely worth a visit.

Like any half respectable alcoholic I can attempt to justify my actions on this occassion by convincing myself this was infact a business meeting. Quite a productive one too, in that I received a very generous offer of some free coaching from one of the full-time no-limit players. No excuses not to finally learn the game now.


nepundo said...

Hmmmm... That blonde... Does that mean you no longer have a girlfriend there? I'm asking because in that case there are lots of extremely beautiful Thais waiting for you here ;-P

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Oh man, don't be telling me things like that!

I am still with the GF (she wasn't with us on this occassion)....but I am 99.9% sure she won't be travelling with me to Thailand/Asia when I eventually make it there.