Monday, August 06, 2007

Feeling uninspired

Lack of blog updates, tut tut.

My flights back to the UK are booked, in the end I didn't bother with They wanted me to jump through the following hoops:

Email in a copy of my passport.
Email in a copy of the front and back of my credit card.
Authorise a debit from this card of 2000 pesos.
Fax in a form with quite a lot of personal info.
Physically go to an Argentine bank and pay 1500 pesos in cash into their account.
Wait upto 48hrs for them to then confirm my flight purchase....

So wait, they want cash upfront?! "Estamos in Argentina" (we are in Argentina) was my reply on the phone to them. i.e I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if the cash went missing during the 48hr wait.

I paid the extra $200 USD and booked my flight via British Airways (took 5mins online).

On the work front I haven't played too much poker since my last update, less than 6000 hands in 10 days. I'm back to being thoroughly bored with the grind that is poker.

I did hit a nice Royal Flush playing video poker at Intercasino a couple of days ago for $1000 USD (see photo). In typical degenerate style I was actually a bit pissed off as I normally play at the 50c ($2.50/hand) level so "missed out" on an extra $1K.

I managed one small bonus scalp in the sportsbooks at the weekend. +$40 for 10mins work. So although only a relatively small profit, in terms of $/hr it's quite nice.

Finally, I met up with 3 2+2ers (members of the forum) in Buenos Aires last week. Like many Americans they are pretty pissed off that their government makes it extremely difficult to play online, so they've jumped ship and plan on travelling the world whilst playing poker online for a living. Can't say I blame them!

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