Wednesday, May 02, 2007

April stats

Quick reveiew of Aprils financial performance, more for my benefit than yours:

Poker: +$250
+EV Blackjack: +$1180
Websites: +$1700

Total: +$3130

I barely managed 20hrs of table time during the entire month: lack of a reliable net connection and lack of desire on my part are to blame. Must knuckle down in May, and I think it's time to learn how play No-limit cash properly.

On the blackjack front positive EV opportunities have really shrunk this year, my EV was actually a paltry $800 for April (last years average was around $1500/month), so I owe the math gods $380 somewhere along the line.

I have a few websites that have eventually started to show some life. It's all about niche finding and I believe that after 12 months of trial and error I am beginning to find my own niche. This blog has helped by chipping in nearly $400 (I have over $6000 in rakeback to ship for April).

All in all not fantastic numbers, but a small fortune by Argentine standards. I'm living on less than $1000/month right now and to be honest I really have done fuck all work! ;-)

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