Saturday, March 03, 2007

Congrats Tufat

Well done to Andy (aka Tufat23 at 2+2) over at for recording an excellent $12K month in February.

I've been following his blog for nearly a year now. If you can get passed his terrible spelling (more accurately: his lack of proof-reading) and the frequent "ship it", "hollas" and "yo's" his blog makes an interesting read. ;-)

Tufat started blogging as a micro No-Limit player (NL25, NL50) and has built his bankroll (currently at $32K) grinding the 6-max tables. I like his no-bullshit approach (very little off-topic stuff) and the fact that he posts a lot of his pokertracker stats/graphs. He's currently multitabling at the NL200 and NL400 levels.

Well done mate, awesome month....but just a pointer: you´ve got some tilt issues dude. Stop placing $1000 blackjack bets, and stop taking shots at the NL2000 tables after a bad session!


andy said...


sorry about the spelling in my blog, it's cos i never bother to proof read anything :(

will try harder in the future :D

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Haha, hi Andy. The typo's don't bother me mate, you know that.

Well done again, keep it up.