Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mancha de Rolanda

Probably my favourite Argentine band right now: Mancha de Rolando (Stain of Rolando). They hail from Avellanida, a barrio in the Provincias (the working class districts surrounding Buenos Aires). If you're into Fun Lovin' Criminals, and the likes, I think you'll like Mancha too.

I love their video to "Cabron"*, particularly the little Bolivian dude who slimes all over the reluctant ramera (who is Paraguayan...I think) in the first half of the video.
(If you want to bust your South American friends balls you say they are from Bolivia....a light-hearted racial slur of course).

The video gives an amusing representation of the mix of life that is Buenos Aires IMO.

And my rough translation into English:

The opening text:
This story is dedictated to the people of Latin America
And all your forms of expression...


Hey, dude*, where are you from?
You are different, because of this we kill you.
Hey, dude*, where are you from?
We are different!

War, that which kills a thousand times,
Hunger, that which kills slowly
Luck, that which guides my steps

It was the blood of Simon Bolívar
It was the war, it was the lie
On the radio they say what they say
There is misery then comes recovery

This Land was born blessed
It has water and all climates
We continue to Simon Bolívar
We unite Latin America

Land of Prosperity, raise yourself and go.

Closing text: In Iraq, The Golf and South America, those that do the war are always the same.

*Cabron....hmmm: rascal, bastard, a derogatory term for someone.

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Perpetual_Traveller said...

Oh yeah, the Paraguayan Misses insists the unwilling prostitute is Mexican, or Peruvian...mainly due to the clothes she's wearing.

She does, however, concur that the Paraguayan = Prostitute stereotype prevails in Argentina.