Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Joy of Poker [/sarcasm]

Warning: The following is a fairly long poker-realted post, if you're looking for anything Perpetual Travel related this is what I first had to say about it last year, and if you're planning to become a Perpetual Traveller then maybe Nabombs progress towards becoming a PT might interest you. (He's gunning for 75-large (USD) in the bank, on top of other investments. A recent 5-figure bonus from his employer has surely helped him on his way, though Uncle Sam took a nice taste......poor bastard! :-)

There's no glamour in playing poker in a Ciber Cafe, at 3a.m, on a Sat morning in Buenos Aires I can tell you. Grind, grind, grind. It will be a couple of weeks before my deceased laptop will be replaced.

The one $3/$6 Full-Ring Limit Hold Em table really was much easier than the two short-handed $1/$2 LHE tables I had going. There are no $2/$4 or $3/$6 short handed tables at all, Bodog just don't provide the option. In theory this is where I'd like to be playing, and the few remaining LHE fish on USA-friendly sites like to play short-handed too.

I'd put one last $3000 into BoDog for the final 10% reload bonus probably just over 2 weeks ago. Too bad this little 10% deal on all deposits came to end. This was only my second session since depositing.

I lost $110 2-tabling the short handed games for my 4hours. I gained $90 at the FR $3/$6 and cleared just $80 of the reload. $15/hr....$20 if I was a break even player. Shitty rate for a post-grad who is 30 (Christ, I nearly put "in his 30's"!!). $100 of the reload left to clear and I am -$50. Therefore, if I break even tomorrow I will cashout +$250.

Mid-limit Full Ring is the way forward, $3/$6 x 2 and a $5/$10 maybe. Yawn. Fold, fold, fold....ABC poker.

Hopefully I can also win just 1BB/hr, which should see me hit the $35/hr mark. Adding the 30% taxes I'd pay if I was working a regular job in the UK gives me an equivalent of approx $45/hr. I prefer thinking in those terms. ;-)

Interesting hands? Not really. I found the grind particularly uninspiring. I definitely called too many post flop bets to the better players at the short-handed tables. I didn't particularly play my blinds well either (so important at 6=max), and on occassions I failed to maximize profits from my good hands against the maniacs.

I fired up Towergaming for a final 30mins and netted $80 playig $2/$4 and a $1-$1 NL table. 1000 points and I've cleared another $200 free-load there. ($700 total, potentially $1800 more available).

Total for the night was +$160, so shouldn't grumble.


razboynik said...

Hey Dude !
You've been blogging for a year now !
How does it feel ?

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Thanks razboy...22nd Feb and I'm exactly 1 year old.

I wish I'd got into blogging when I first started PTing back in 2003, if only so I had means to remember the places I've visited!

It feels good to have kept the blog going, though my post count is too low. There were periods where I lost my enthusiasm...hopefully I can maintain frequent updates at the current rate.