Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hours of fun

I haven't had a great deal to post about really. Poker had been boring me to death for the last 2-3 weeks. I've put plenty of hours in but was running very cold for maybe 8000hands. I've been reading a few blogs, and like a couple of other players self-doubt had started to creep in. Add to this that several of the rooms on my favourite networks have tightened up significantly since the US legislation passed and I was pretty disillusioned with the game.......but then along came Bodog.

This place had been on my 'to do' list for months, and I wished I'd played there before. The site isn't poker-tracker compliant, they only allow a max of 3 tables at any one time, and the software is prone to crashes (I've experienced 2 in about 20hrs of play, so not too bad. Not great if you're an MTT'er, but I was able to login straight away with no problems). All of this means that the sharks have stayed away. Consequently this place is full of clowns!

They haven't banned the Yanks either, so the table chat alone is worth the entrance fee. I know I should really ignore that chat but I just can't help it. It's really helped me enjoy the game again. I love the donks moaning when they get rivered by another donk (after they themselves have caught some crazy cards only a few short hands previously), and I love the advice I'm given when I'm told how bad my calling their river bluff check/raise with a 2 pair board (I'm holding KK)....etc etc.

I've just finished at a 2/4 FR session where the guy immeadiately to my left raised 90% of hands preflop for over 2hrs. A sheer delight to play against. Sadly the night ended on a sour note when I had KK cracked by a rivered 2 pair (J4o, another donk called 3 bets cold pre-flop with this monster!) and my AA cracked by said Maniac who capped preflop, flop and turn with KTo. Flop TJ3 rainbow, turn 6 completes the rainbow....bastard rivered a ten to make trips. The 3/6 tables are just the same.

This standard of play reminded me of the good-old days 6 or 7yrs ago, when I first started playing £1/2 limit at the cryptos. 70-80% seeing the flops, all rounds capped, 4 to the river and you're holding the flopped nut flush etc etc.

I do know I've been lazy and haven't sharpened my game for a long time. I've torrented some well known books to read, and I know I need to improve my play of the blinds (amongst other things). Maybe some reflection on that in a week or two.

+EV blackjack and +EV videopoker has been delightfully profitable for the last 6 weeks or so. Long may it continue, but I'm due a down turn eventually.

Travel-wise, exactly zero to report. Thailand has to happen for me, but I don't know when. I have 3 weeks on my Argy visa so I do at least have to head for Uruguay or something, if only for at least 24hrs!

Hopefully something actually interesting to post later this week.....


andy said...

omg u play LHE as a job. i've just lost any respect for you :D

Perpetual_Traveller said...

haha, I find NL just isn't mentally challenging enough.