Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Barrio Chino - Buenos Aires

I want to publicly thank my friend Blaxjax for dramatically improving my quality of life in Buenos Aires.

You see, one of the biggest down sides to living in this city for me is the food: it's decidely average IMO. There is very little variety on the menus, it's either pizza, pasta or meat. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy eating pizza, pasta and meat....just not every fucking day.

As for vegetables/vegetarians - forget it, to order vegetables over here is equivalent to stating you are homosexual.

The supermarkets are very good, plenty of fresh produce. So if you are happy to cook at home you'll have all the variety you need. However, being a lazy so and so, I love to eat out as often as possible. Also, don't expect to find things like coconut milk, curry paste etc etc on the shelves.

This is where blaxjax comes in, he pointed me in the direction of Barrio Chino (China Town to you and me) It's only two stops on the Subte from my place (get off at Juramento, Linea D) and a short walk (5mins) along Juramento (see map below, click to enlarge). Cross the train line and you are there. Admittedly it's a tiny Barrio, but they do have Chinese restaurants, Sushi bars and Chinese supermarkets selling all the ingredients you could hope for: Thai curry paste, fresh corriander, coconut milk, fresh prawns etc etc. Heaven.

So, as a thankyou here's a link to his flickr site, he's got some excellent photos of Buenos Aires.

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