Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back in South America

No posting for 6 weeks or more....yikes.

Summer in the UK was OK, but basically uninspiring. I guess spending the previous 6 months in a culture that isn't focused on weekend binge-drinking (South America) tainted my return to the UK, I barely bothered with the weekend piss-ups I'd once heartily participated in.

I did manage 2 short trips to Europe: both Stag parties. Prague for 4 days, Krakow (Poland) for a long weekend. Prague was massively sleazy (titty-bars/brothels) galore. For some reason when it got dark a lot of guys on the street seemed to think my name was Charlie!! ("Charlie mate?") ;-)

Krakow was an all-togethor different experience (although the boys did manage to find one titty-bar out of town: Al. 29 Listopada 165). Krakow is a delightful place, definitely worth a visit. Outrageously pretty girls everywhere, smart and plentiful bars, and several quality nightclubs.......all within staggering distance of the centre square. The price is right too.

Now I'm back in Buenos Aires and determined to knuckle down and play cards. Whilst I'm still falling in and out of love with poker (almost on a nightly basis) I do realise just how profitable it has been, and can be. Clearly the average player is a lot better now than say 2 years ago, but I'm still pleasently surprised to see plenty of terrible players around.


andy said...

you suck at updating. good to see you're not dead tho

Perpetual_Traveller said...

Yeh, I know. Severe lack of motivation when i was in the UK. Thanks for checking in.