Thursday, April 20, 2006

To Stay, or Not To Stay?

I was all set to post something about what it is to be a 'Porteno' (someone who lives in Buenos Aires), last week I'd confirmed my seat on the 18hr flight back to the UK, arriving on 25 April, and I was in reflective mood.

Then something happened: A good friend of mine just knocked on my apartment door. She tells me that earlier that day she'd seen a poster of The Dalai Lama in Buenos Aires, and that he'll soon be spending several days here 'sharing his wisdom'.

While in Buenos Aires, His Holiness will give a public talk on "Inner Peace, Outer Peace", and a teaching on "The Seven Point Mind Training" to the Buddhist community.

He will also participate in a dialogue on "Health and Spirituality" and in an "Inter-religious Prayer for Peace". In addition, he will address intellectuals and opinion makers.

You can find more information about his visit to this continent here.

I have to extend my stay, surely? It'll only be about 60bucks to get my flights altered....but first I need to make sure tickets are available.

I'll call first thing in the 'moro.

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andy said...

do it. oh and temps in uk are just hitting 17/18 degrees