Thursday, March 30, 2006

I want The Good Life!

It's been 24 days since my last post. Shocking. Excuses? Well, I'm a PT........I've been travelling, this time without my laptop. Deliberately remaining offline for a week or two helps keep me sane.

I posted about PT in a forum today (one of the relevant ones that is ranked top 10 for the search term "Perpetual Traveller". P.S use "") in the hope of generating a discussion on the lifestyle. My theory is that most PTs don't even know they are PTs - i.e they dont even know the term "Perpetual traveller" even exists. For those that search the term via search engines there isn't a whole lot around.

My 4 months in Argentina are coming to an end, I have just 3 weeks left. The consistent Buenos Aires breeze is now probably 7-8 degrees cooler, but recently the days have been cloudless and the sun strong.

A couple of weeks ago I managed to escape the chaos and noise of this city by heading west to Mendoza, then south to San Rafael. I think I fell in love with San Raf, it's just a perfect place to 'disappear' for a while.

When I was in San Raf I viewed several small farms (Fincas). Some had houses, others were just big fields of mainly olives, grapes, walnuts, peaches or plums. The region has a Meditaranean climate and is within approx 1 hour of the Andes. Las Lenas, one of the finest ski resorts in the southern hemisphere is within 2hrs drive of San Raf. I've always dreamed of retiring to somewhere like this, and I've always wanted to retire in my 30's! (I turned 30 last week). In seems to be the perfect place to adopt The Good Life.

In fact, I'm going to shut up about this region, I want it to remain as much of a secret as possible for a little longer. ;-)

It's 3am, time for bed.

Sweet dreams.

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