Wednesday, February 22, 2006

An Introduction

I hope the title of this blog gives you a fair idea of what to expect of it's content.

As for poker, if you've never played, or have never played online I wrote a piece here and here that talk about the pros and cons of playing online for a living and what it takes to be successful playing poker online. I guess the most visible internet pro is Matt Hilger, he's written some books. I've linked to a few others I've found from my Links section.

If you're unsure of what most consider to be living as a 'Perpetual Traveller' (PT) check here. I also like to mix in a little of the Global Citizenship way of thinking into my life. I hope you have 5 mins to read at least the first couple of paragraphs of each website.

I guess I better go play for an hour or two, a little more talk on some specifics of how this weeks play panned out next time.

Until next time: be well.


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